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EDGEPoS Background

The Henderson Group is the leading convenience Wholesaler and Retailer operating in Northern Ireland.  Under the SPAR brand Henderson’s service more than 430 stores, approximately 90 of which are company owned.

Family owned, with over 100 years of history, Hendersons are often held up as one of the leading businesses in Northern Ireland and have received numerous awards over the years to confirm this.  The Group consists of six companies; each operating under the Henderson name; Henderson Retail, Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Foodservice, Henderson Print and their IT Software company, Henderson Technology.

In 2010, Henderson’s became frustrated at the limitations placed on them by third party EPOS providers and made the decision to develop their own  EPOS system.  EDGEPoS was born and over the past 7 years constant development has made EDGEPoS one of the most powerful yet easy to use systems available anywhere in the world.

Uniquely, Henderson Group are the only company selling an EPOS system that actually use it in their own business.  This gives Hendersons a perspective that no software company could have and the constant drive to keep their stores ahead of the competition ensures EDGEPoS continues to evolve and retailers continue to benefit.  The collaborative approach to feature development which has become a hallmark of EDGEPoS allows retailers to submit development requests and discuss ideas with the EDGEPoS commercial and development teams without fear of having to fund a development project.  In 2016 over 100 new features were added to EDGEPoS at the request of independent retailers, with no charges incurred.  If the idea improves the product and is of benefit to all retailers then it enters the development pipeline.  With EDGEPoS, Henderson’s objective is to create a community of retailers spreading best practice and innovation throughout the entire group.

EDGEPoS was piloted and put to market in March 2011.  In 2017 EDGEPoS is being used by over 500 Retailers in Northern Ireland, UK and Australia.

In recent years Henderson’s made the decision to offer EDGEPoS for sale outside Northern Ireland.  With an office in Melbourne, EDGEPoS quickly became one of only 5 POS systems approved by BP for use in their extensive network in Australia.  Since then over 70 stores have implemented EDGEPoS and 2017 growth is expected to be around 100%.

More Recently

SPAR’s Annual Logistics & IT Conference was held on 4-6th October 2016 in Johannesburg.

Henderson Technology Director of Sales, Tom Houston, introduced EDGEPoS as the preferred EPOS Software Solution for SPAR country franchises worldwide.  The company’s tagline “By Retailers for Retailers” became “By SPAR for SPAR” for the event and EDGEPoS was met with widespread enthusiasm by other SPAR countries.  Discussions with multiple SPAR countries continue, with multiple international contracts expected in 2017 and 2018.

And in 2017, SPAR’s Annual Logistics & IT Conference was held on 19th-21st September 2017 in Northern Ireland.  Once again EDGEPoS was announced as the recommended EPOS Software Solution for SPAR International countries.

Aspen Payments are delighted to announce that we have been appointed by Henderson Technology as the first official EDGEPoS reseller for Convenience and Forecourt Retailers in the United Kingdom.

Aspen has extensive experience of the retail and forecourt sectors with over 1,000 customers using our card payment solutions.  Our working partnerships with some of the biggest names in card payments including SagePay, Allstar, Visa, Mastercard and WorldPay allows us to offer you a ‘one stop shop’ for all your retail EPOS requirements, including EDGEPoS Software, Card Payment Solutions, Fuel Card Services, Merchant Services, Installation, Training and Support.

Key Features

  • Live system
  • Age check
  • PayPoint integration
  • Warehouse link integration
  • Contactless payments
  • Transactions
  • Age restrictions
  • Fuel fraud prevention
  • Payment options
  • Safe drops
  • Audit trails
  • Authorisation
  • Authorising fuel
  • Drive off prevention
Business Development
  • Upselling messages
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer loyalty scheme
  • Multi buys
  • Deals & promotions
  • Instore coupons
Operational Efficiency
  •  Self populating PLUs
  • Automatic end of day reports
  • Supplier database
  • Multi-currency payments
  • Receipt resolution
  • Fuel cards integration
Version 4.0
  • Advanced age checking
  • FIFO per department
  • Card based staff discount
  • Auto logout
  • Refund breakdown
  • Upselling messages
  • Internal stock transfers
  • Report scheduler

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