Enjoy faster, more secure card payments

A fast, robust and secure card payments solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing point of sale system


We’re PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, our PIN pads are PCI PTS 3.0 certified and we use advanced encryption to ensure cardholder data is always protected.

Aspen uses SagePay’s Guardian software and hosting service which is accredited by all the major acquiring banks including Worldpay, Barclays Merchant Services, Global Payment, Cardnet, Elevon and AIB.

Guardian also provides acceptance of fuel cards from major network providers including CH Jones (Keyfuels), UK Fuels and Allstar. 

Whether you are a POS provider in the fuel, supermarket or convenience sector we have an EFT solution for you, with little or no work required to integrate.

Transactions are fast and secure, and are not stored on the POS. Each transaction is sent immediately to the host following completion so there is no risk of losing funds due to hardware failure or damage.

Integrated PED

Each till has ePOS installed and is connected to a Pin Entry Device (PED) for payment.

How it works

  • When a customer is ready to pay, the ePOS system passes value of transaction to be processed to the Payments API which resides on the ePOS till.
  • The Payments API relays the value and relevant information to the PED. The customer will then enter in their PIN details or tap their card for contactless payment on a Verifone VX820 PED.
  • The PED will establish a secure and encrypted IP connection to Sage Pay to process the transaction.
  • Once the transaction has been securely processed by Sage Pay, we will then communicate to the ePOS system to inform it if the transaction has been authorised or declined.
  • The ePOS system will complete the transaction and print the sales receipt if the transaction has been authorised.


  • Easy integration for any Windows based ePOS solution.
  • Eliminates manual entry thereby reducing fraud or human error.
  • Streamline separate business workflows by integrating payments with ePOS.
  • Brings multiple value adds and payment methods into a single PED solution.

VX820 Card Terminal

A PIN pad that performs in the toughest environments

With its high resolution 3.5″ colour touch screen and illuminated backlight keypad, the Verifone VX820 is incredibly reliable and easy to use, for both your staff and your customers.


As well as contactless card payments, the VX820 is also Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible, allowing mobile wallet apps such as ApplePay.

Touchscreen Technology

The VX820 offers touch screen technology to speed up your point of sale during busy periods so you can serve more customers.

Advanced Security

The Verifone VX 820 is designed to meet the latest PCI DSS 3.0 standards, using encryption technology to keep your customers’ information secure.

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